Audio Mastering: Transforming Noise Into Soulful Music

Audio Mastering is an essential part of the recording procedure. It is attributed to the fact that the lack of an audible and well edited sound can make or break a music recording. There are those we call mastering engineers who have built their mastering studios from scratch when digital mastering was not around yet. These professionals learned song mastering in their own right and time and has managed to accept recoding materials for editing and fine finishing. Before the evolution of digital recording and beat mixing programs, song mastering was tasked only available to professional music mixers and sound engineers who would spend numerous hours transferring tape to tape the filtered sounds, tuning the in order and evaluation of the copy before labelling it the master copy of the fine product of the laborious sound cleansing.

Audio mastering is a skill that is honed with over exposure to music definition. The lack of skill to understand sound differences and finesse will definitely ground someone to some other profession. Today, digital mixers and digital mastering software have been fronting music stores and music market; anyone can learn how to master a song by simple manipulation of dashboard and software user interface. Song mastering is no longer expensive and a specialized profession. The availability of digital mastering software and beat mixing applications made music studios more affordable and easier to set up. Everything that a mastering engineer used to toy around can now be manipulated with digital keys and adjustments.

Song mastering can now be done even in the absence of a professional manipulation. Any intending musical artist can now prepare his own master copy without spending money on expensive mastering engineers, because digital mastering software can be purchased anytime and utilize as long as you have a personal computer or a laptop to work on. There are arts schools that teach how to master a song in a lengthy process. It is one that only the musically inclined professional would care to attend to and something that a self-proclaimed musical artist would consider learning for the sake of music perfection.

Audio mastering today is still a lengthy process because despite the digital manipulation, keys adjustments and sound preferences will still have to be manipulated by the person editing the music. Audio mastering is perfected by years of practice and exposure. Fine tuning sound is delicate and a missed note could displace or destruct the whole rhythm. Song mastering starts with sound mixing, digital mixing software are torturous during the initial set up so imagine what a mastering engineer has to go to in manual audio mastering. There are steps to follow in sound mixing and when interested in mastering your own track, get extra tips and tricks to tweak your own sound mixer. Next is to learn trimming, this phase is all about timing. It is all about adding or reducing or cutting noises at the end or beginning of the track or during a sound transition. As you go along your mixes you need to identify possible distortions even the least audible ones, remember that audio mastering is a sound cleansing process.

The M Audio Av 40 Speakers: Unbelievable Sound for a Low Price

Led Zeppelin and the M Audio Av 40 Speakers

I walked up to my friend’s house and could hear Led Zeppelin before I reached the door. The house was shaking as The Ocean was streaming through brick and concrete. He couldn’t hear the door bell so I just let myself in. The music was everywhere and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. To my surprise the music was coming from a pair of M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers attached to a laptop. Inside the house these small size monitors were giving out a large amplified rock concert sound. While I am no real audio expert, I am an avid music fan and know quality sound when I hear it and these speakers shook the house. But the speakers were not giving out just loud music. These monitors released a clear crisp high fidelity sound. It made you feel like Zeppelin was in the house giving a live performance.

Here are just a few of the key features of these speakers:

40 watts of power with each channel giving out 20 watts.
Enhanced low end and high end audio.
Tweeters that tweet the daylights out of you.
Clear reproduction of music files.
For the price unmatched music audio textured sound.
Dimensions: 8.75″ (H) x 6″ (W) x 7.25″ (D)

Reviewed as One of the Best Speakers in its Class

I went online to see some of the reviews for this speaker. One reviewer compared the M Audio Av 40 to some of the most reputable speakers out there and rated them the best. Another compared the M Audio Av 40 with the Logitech Z-10 (30 watts) the Klipsch ProMedia 2.0 (30 watts) and the Creative Gigaworks T20: (28 watts) and put the Av 40 on top of them all. And I am not surprised. You get a lot of subtle quality sound from these monitors. The one down side is that if you are looking to go mobile and take these speakers with you, they can be a bit on the big side.

Professional Speakers at a Great Price

The real surprise was when I saw how much these speakers sell for. For not a whole lot of coin you get a whole lot of sound. The M Audio Av 40 will give you the most professional sound you will hear in the smallest sound space for not a large price. If you go online these speakers can be delivered in a few days and if you are not 100% satisfied with the sound you can return them for a full refund. But I can’t imagine anyone returning these speakers with the robust live like sound they put out.

A Growing Need for Audio Transfer Services

It may seem like old hat, but many individuals and organizations still have dated audio collections on old analog formats like 8-track, reel, microcassettes, standard cassette tapes and digital tape like DCC or DAT (digital compact cassette and digital audio tape respectively.) With technological advancements, there is a growing need for audio transfer services to get old music and speech moved into modern audio formats.

Damage and Corruption of Tape

Traditional tape recordings can develop problems as they age, especially those that have seen heavy use or weren’t carefully stored to protect them from contaminants and environmental conditions. As these tapes are often mishandled over the years they’re far more likely to suffer a loss of quality or breakdown completely.

Tapes simply don’t age well, and their condition certainly doesn’t improve. As time progresses, problems can arise with magnetic tape such as “Sticky shed syndrome” or “vinegar syndrome.” Technical names aside, the result can lead to a complete loss of the original recording. That’s why it’s a good idea to back up analog recordings with audio transfer services.

Outdated Tape

For every bad tape and lost recording there are tapes in excellent condition. With advancements in technology older formats become obsolete and as they break down people have been left without the equipment to play the tapes. For many formats, only used models are available and can come at steep prices. There will come a time where equipment won’t be available at all.

Otari, Inc. is the only manufacturer still providing reel to reel tape decks. Elcaset, DCC and the better known 8-track players are no longer being manufactured. Parts are no longer in circulation and must be stripped from other machines. Over time, even that will become extremely difficult as the machines disappear from the market. While professional audio transfer services have these units available to move audio for customers, it’s best to change formats as quickly as possible once your old audio has been moved.

Recordings – Music & Speech

While the professional sector has accumulated a lot of analog audio over the years, there are millions of recordings – both music and speech – that have never been converted to a digital format. These analog recordings range from local bands that were never signed to speeches made by friends, family, colleagues, teachers, historians and more. Anyone who would like to listen to those pieces would need some dated technology, or have the audio transfer done to digitize the speeches and music.

Audio transfer services can help individuals and organizations reclaim content and recordings that have been lost to time including oral histories, interviews, sermons, audio journals, speeches and more. Much of the analog content that’s floating around out there is a part of someone’s history, and audio transfer can preserve that.

Audio Transfer and Restoration Service Providers

If something has been recorded, then there is likely some measure of importance to that particular piece. That audio should be transferred into a digital format as soon as possible. While a recording might be fresh, the tape could still be aged which could cause even new audio to degrade. Because of the variety of analog formats, it’s necessary to do a little research into a variety of audio transfer services. Some work with only limited formats while others have access to all the necessary equipment to handle outdated and rare analog formats.

While it’s entirely possible to transfer your own audio, the quality of the transfer will be limited by the equipment and how the content is handled. For better quality and to ensure the integrity of the audio, it’s best to use professional audio transfer services. Most services use professional grade equipment with external audio interfaces that provide the optimal transfer of quality, far superior to a transfer made using a standard home PC.

Physical damage and issues with tape can cause the most problems, and a professional audio transfer service has the engineering experience to handle a tape properly, repair it if necessary, and transfer the audio. Should the defects of the tape create problems in the audio, the engineer might be able to use restoration software to repair the audio, restoring it to the original quality of the recording.

Aging Digital Formats

While it’s important to backup and transfer analog audio recordings, mini-disc and digital tape formats that are becoming obsolete should be transferred as well. Some formats are already quite obsolete. DCC comes to mind here. The manufacture of Digital Compact Cassette players was halted in October of 1996 and there aren’t very many units out there.

Very few mini-disc players are being produced now and DAT has been discontinued. In fact, Sony stopped manufacturing DAT machines at the end of 2005. It’s important to transfer audio sooner rather than later and over time, even professional audio transfer services will have a difficult time converting tape recordings and mini-discs to a digital file format due to a lack of support for the equipment.

Nokia 5800 Worldwide Price Review – Affordable Nokia Touch Screen Music Phone

Nokia has stolen the limelight from other brands of touch screen phones with its new touch screen model. The new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music smart phone has truly captured the market. This phone was launched by Nokia on October 2, 2008, in London. It includes all latest mobile phone technology to provide complete customer satisfaction.

If you have decided to grab this fresh launch, you will surely have a great time in discovering its incredible features. The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone is a Symbian S60 phone. The phone has a touch screen which accepts stylus input, plectrum input and finger touch inputs. The interface of the screen is also up to date and allows fluid navigation.

It has great multimedia features, for example, music, audio recording, games, FM radio, internet browsing; you name it and you have it.

It has a great camera too, which enables you to take stunning life like photographs in daylight. Most camera phones give poor quality pictures indoors due to inadequate light, but the Nokia 5800 rises above this usually encountered drawback. The phone is equipped with a rather strong and effective double LED flash to allow you to take fantastic pictures indoors too.

The phone has a high 8GB memory. It leaves the other mobile phones way behind when it comes to battery life, which is a major concern for most mobile owners. While the battery of other phones last for barely 36 hours, the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music battery lasts for almost 2 days. It has a great call quality. The phone is enabled with Blue tooth and Wi-fi features, which can be easily accessed with the touch of a finger.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music smart phone is very cost effective. Its unsubsidized price is 279 Euros or 390 dollars. The 8GB models of the unsubsidized versions cost 499 Euros or 700 dollars in Italy. The same model costs 350 pounds in the United Kingdom. In Malaysia the device costs MYR 1499. Its retail price in India is Rs 19,999. While it is priced at Php 19,990 in Philippines, it is available in Vietnam for around US dollars 385. However, with so many features embedded in it, Nokia 5800 is real value for money. However, these phones are more attractive than other touch screen and iPhones as far as the prices are concerned.

If you look for the technology used, then this set is a high-end mobile. Although the tube is packed with innumerable powerful features, Nokia is selling the phone at unusually low rates. The reason is that this product is competing with iPhones. The benefit of the competition is reaped by the consumers.

Nokia have managed to price the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music at a low range by developing cheaper alternatives to the current mobile technologies. This enables lowering of the price of phone components and consequently the price of the end product is also reduced.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is a smart phone is a complete package offering diverse features that surpass the expectations of its buyers. The reasonable prices of this phone with top notch quality bring it within the reach of the common masses. This phone is definitely worth a buy.

Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic O2 – Complete Music-Focused Phone

The stylish Nokia 5530 XpressMusic phone is a 3G music phone, which is available in three colours that are black, red and blue. This handset comes in a beautiful slide opening casing that allows you to operate it with a single hand. This handset is also being connected to 02 networks that provide World Wide connectivity.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is beautifully designed with a 2.9 inches TFT resistive screen that enriches 16M colours. With the help of aaccelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, you will be able to rotate the display vertically and horizontally. This smart handset is a quad band network phone that covers worldwide coverage. The integrated MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA music audio format allows you to enjoy listening to music.

Besides, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is equipped with a 3.2MP camera that allows the user to take still pictures quickly. The user can also use the dual LED flash in a dark environment to gain bright pictures. Furthermore, this handset includes both SMS text messaging and MMS multimedia picture which helps you to communicate with others without making a call. The fast internet speed ensures the user to access data and files instantly. It also supports a RSS feeds which allow you to get news updates and information.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic with O2 weighs 107 grams only and has 104mmx49mmx13mm of measurement. It is embedded with an internal memory of 70MB and expandable memory up to 16GB through memory slot. Other than that, the rechargeable battery provides you a talk time of up to 54 minutes and a standby battery capacity of 336 hours. Some other brilliant features such as document editor, photo editor, downloadable games, Bluetooth etc are also included in this handset

Hence, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is an outstanding music mobile phone with a difference. It comes with best music features and specifications.

Music and Audio

Music is available in different forms, different style, and different formats. One can chose what he likes. There are classical music, karnatic, Hindustani, gazals, bhajans, and so on. There is Jazz, rock, pop and so many others are there. Different types of music are available in both video and audio.

Audio music may come in different forms like CD, cassettes and files etc. Depending on the choice and budget one can pick up the needed one. CDs are costlier than the audio. For playing CD a particular CD player that plays CD is needed. For playing an audio cassette tapes and cassette players are needed. For playing audio files a special player is needed called as an audio player. It is a device that stores, organizes and plays the audio files. These audio files may come in several formats. Some of the audio file formats are WAV, AIFF and AU, FLAC, APE, WavPack, Shorten, TTA, Apple Lossless, Windows Media Audio(WMA), MP3, Vorbis, and AAC.

Music can be obtained by buying or by downloading. Songs, tunes, audio files can be bought from stores or from the Internet. Stores sell cassettes, CDS, files. Online stores and websites sell music files and albums, which are downloadable. So many such websites and online sellers are there to satisfy different tastes. Collections, categories and charges vary accordingly.

Now it is also possible to download music. Music download means a song or an album, which is available for downloading. It is downloaded from the Internet. Several online companies are offering downloads, some for free and some for charges. Free download are available in many music websites and music companies websites. There are so much of music available online for downloading. The copyright holders make this music available. Free download is popular.

From where music can be downloaded? It can be downloaded from the music stores or from the websites of the artists and bands. Music stores charge for such downloading.

Music is recorded in a recording studio. A recording studio is a facility for sound recording. The recording studios have equipments for recording. Studio equipments help in the recording of the created music. They are the devices that captures, arrange and improve music. Many modern equipments are available for the music today. Digital equipments are coming into the studios floor providing more facilities to improve the quality of the music. Some of the studio equipments are multitrack recorders, synthesizers and microphones, recording drums and electric guitar, electronic amplifier, the mixing desk and the loudspeaker, Microphone preamplifiers, audio compressors, equalizers, computers, mixers, stereo recorder, samplers and tone modules, amplification and speakers, software etc. Today it is possible to create music at home by composing, arranging and recording music tracks on a computer with the help of music production software. There are so many such software are available. They are cheap also. These software are very efficient and reduce the people needed for the work. Some of the popular music production software are Ableton Live, Cakewalk SONAR, Cubase, FL Studio, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason, Sony ACID Pro, and Sony Vegas etc.

Personal Computer Enhanced Music Study

The personal computer has an enhancing effect on today’s music study by virtue of the accessibility to almost limitless resources – Music lesson/creation software, music software downloads, or on the internet through online music schools, or music audio/ video demo clips. This doesn’t include the many other resources such as websites, blogs, chatroom/discussion forums, articles, and music study repositories.

Don’t misconstrue the computer as a substitute for diligence, practice or an actual instrument/ teacher, no machine can replace these applied areas… but a computer can facilitate the development of the more cognitive areas (i.e. ear training ,comprehension) common to all would-be vocalists and/or instrumentalists.

It will help you in gaining a basic foundation quickly and inexpensively, until you’re ready to possibly take that the next step to becoming a pro.

Whether novice or adept, when communicating with musicians/teachers, it’s to your advantage to have an understanding of the basic concepts and terminology of music. Computer enhanced music study helps you with this.

Questions can be answered, recommendations given by merely typing and reading.

What makes a music style jazz, blues, gospel or rock. What is key signature, time signature, melody, harmony. How does one perform these? What would be an example of same? What is song structure and how do I write a song?

On a more practical side, a lot of the expense of materials: books, staff paper, sheet music etc. can be defrayed through the use of your printer, downloads, or.pdfs.

Computer enhanced music study helps you with the aid of audio/video clips.

We tend to remember more of what we experience visibly or aurally, as opposed to what we read. Today we have the ability of hearing a complex time signature. Seeing someone play “slide” piano, or demonstrate chord progressions, all on demand…for free!

Sites like Wikipedia and YouTube are just two of the scores of similar sites enabling us to experience that which would be cost or time prohibitive were it with an “on site professional”, and then still only one person’s interpretation.

What about the business side of music? Producing, recording, studio work, sound engineering, promotion etc. Fret not, for these areas are also accessible through the same or similar means as mentioned above.

Sample Music From New Artists

If you’re a fan of different kinds of music, how about listening to music from up-and-coming new artists? It’s possible to download music from artists online that are just starting out on their initial careers. Numerous online websites want you to download music from these artists to sample their sounds in the hopes that their music takes off.

Hungry new artists are looking to expose their music talents to all over the globe. This allows you the opportunity to listen to a sample of their music, and download their latest creations online.

To do this, you need to look for websites that sponsor new music talent. Typically, for a minimal subscription purchase, you can download music from new artists in whatever genre that suits your musical taste. The websites have audio files for you to preview from a variety of music pertaining to Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and more.

This provides a gateway to hopefully new fans for these artists, and the likelihood of purchasing new music down the line. Be careful to read the terms and conditions of each site, as some may restrict music audio files to a certain number of downloads each month.

So, if you’re a music fanatic, and are interested in listening to something new, then these websites that sponsor musical talent is the perfect choice for you. You will be helping out new artists on their way to stardom while you look for great music to enjoy. And who knows, you may find yourself fond of their music and become a long time fan.

Musical Rocking Chairs For Your Kids

You must be familiar with the term, “rock ‘n roll.” Not only do you often hear rock ‘n roll on the radio, you may also dance to it when you feel the “groove.” But, do you know that you can also do the rock ‘n roll while sitting on a chair? Yes you can, thanks to musical rocking chairs. These chairs have musical instruments or players attached to them. So now, people of all ages can rock their chairs and, at the same time, listen to music because of these wonderful contraptions. These rockers are specially great for children and those who are still young at heart. To give you an idea, here are some examples of musical rocking chairs and their features:

Musical Child’s Rocking Chair

This fanciful device for kids has a small five note xylophone with a mallet connected to its arm. The chair also has a keyboard and sheet music backrest. The chair, which is about two and a half feet in height, also has a seat that is elevated one foot from the ground. This musical rocking chair is recommended for children aged two to six. Who knows, this could even contribute to the making of a future rock star.

X-Rocker II

The X-Rocker II is one of the coolest musical rocking chairs available in the market today. Created by Ace Bayou, the X-Rocker II has a built-in 80 watt sound system with built-in speakers that use Audio Force Modulation to play music. Audio Force Modulation is a sound amplification system, which uses the interior of the chair to amplify the sound as well as enhance its quality. X-Rocker II is compatible with various media devices such as iPod, Xbox, and DVD players.

Rock-A-My Baby Musical Rocking Chair

This cute musical chair is designed for little girls who want to play mommy. It has a wooden heart attached on the seat, which plays the song “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” when pulled. The Rock-A-My-Baby musical rocking chair also has a wooden baby doll cradle with soft cushion. It is ideal for kids aged three and above.

Lumisource Video Game Rocker

This product not only allows you to enhance your listening experience but your video game sessions as well. Created by Lumisource, a US furniture and decor company, the Video Game Rocker has inside speakers, which allow sound waves and music from video games and other media devices to vibrate through your body. Video game and media devices such as DVD and MP3 players can be connected to the chair. The Video Game Rocker also has two user-friendly vibration motors and a four-inch subwoofer. The Video Game Rocker is made of canvas fabric and can be folded to facilitate safe-keeping and carrying.

With these amazing designs for musical rocking chairs, never again will you have a boring moment sitting on a chair. You can relax and still have fun while doing nothing at all.

List Of Audio File Format – Music Format For iPod And iTunes

What is audio file format or how a music file is stored in audio format? The audio file format provides container to store audio data on device, the device can be computer, music player etc. The audio data can be stored in device in compressed or uncompressed format. The decompressed format is used to reduce the file size on device. One would like to have more and more music files on music players by compressing their file size.

Types of Audio Formats

The current format for music audio files includes wide variety of formats with advantages and disadvantages. The current list of audio file formats are categorized into three major groups

list of “Uncompressed audio formats”

1. WAV 2. AIFF 3. AU

List of “lossless compression format”

2. FLAC 2. APE 3. WV 4. TAK 5. TTA 6. WMA

List of “lossy compression format”

3. MP3 2. Vorbis 3. Musepack 4. WMA 5. AAC

1. Uncompressed Audio Formats

The well known uncompressed audio format (PCM) is stored as WAV on Windows system and AIFF format on MAC operating system. The PCM stands for “Pulse-code modulation”, which is a digital representation of an analog signal. The PCM has been used in digital phone systems and in computer as digital audio format. Because of its digital sampling WAV format is very flexible and can store recording in original format.

2. Lossless Audio Formats

Many Music audio formats compress the audio data so that more and more songs can fit on device. The audio compression comes in two forms, one is “lossless compression” and other is “lossy compression”.

The lossless audio format retains every bit of information of original recording and nothing is lost. Since no data is lost during conversion that is why “lossless audio format” can not make converted or compressed file as small as file compressed during “lossy compression” method.

3. Lossy Audio Format

Under lossy compression method some of the audio information is lost as compared to the original, this makes converted file much smaller. The information which is lost during “lossy compression” is not very important and is least important to the file. One of the format which uses this method of compressions MP3 file format.

Audio File Formats

MP3: The most popular music format is MPEG Layer-3 format. This is popular for downloading and storing music. Because of Lossy compression the download file is much smaller then the original.
WMA: – The Windows Media audio format is popular with windows system, it was designed by Microsoft.
WAV: To open files with these formats you need ATRAC3 drivers.
RA: This format is “Real Audio format” and is used to stream audio over the internet.
RAM: This is used to store a link to the internet address where actual audio file is stored.
DSS: Digital Speech Standard files.
MSV: – Memory Stick compressed voice files.
DVF: This file is commonly used by Sony dictation recorders.
MP4: Apple uses this format for downloading music from their iTunes store with digital right management.
iKlax – Multi-track digital audio format, allows mixing and volumes arrangements.
GSM: This file format was designed for telephone use.
DCT: This audio format is used for dictation, it’s header portion can be encrypted.
VOX: This audio format uses the “Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation”.
AAC: This audio format is based on MPEG2 and MPEG4 standards.